Brothering UP!
Alpha Lambda, Alpha Pi chapters in Louisville, Kentucky and Pi, Delta Alpha Lambda chapters in Cleveland, Ohio are brothering up to host a scholastic chess tournament in Louisville, KY., November 10, 2018. This partnership between these chapters will hopefully form the foundation for the expansion of scholastic chess within the Midwest Region and Alpha nationally.

Novice Section K-4, 5-8, 9-12 | Rated Section K-4, 5-8, 9-12 | Collegiate
Format: 5 rounds, game/30, Time D5 | Check in: 8:30-9:30am| Welcome: 9:45am,
Rounds: #1-10:00am | #2-11:30am |#3-1:00pm | #4-2:30pm | #5-4:00pm

Individual Collegiate Awards: 1stplace $300, 2ndplace $150, 3rdplace $100
Individual Awards: Trophies to top 5 finishers in all K-12 sections
Door Prizes: Various gift cards, Various other gifts


Cleveland Scholastic Open
Top Competition, Scholarships, Job Internships, Great Door Prizes
Saturday, October 13, 2018
"National Chess Day"
John Carroll University,  Dolan Science Center
1 John Carroll Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118
Entry Fee: $35 before September 29th| $45 after September 29th

Online Registration:
Contact Info: Tony Dunlap
Email: [email protected]
cell: 216-505-1721

**All Registrations received before 9/29/18 will be eligible for door prize drawing **

Louisville Scholastic Chess Open
Top Competition, Scholarships, Great Door Prizes
Saturday, November 10, 2018
University of Louisville, Student Activity Center, Multipurpose Room
2100 S. Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40208
Entry Fee: $35 before October 26th | $45 after October 26th

Online Registration:
Contact Info: Tony Dunlap
Email: [email protected]
cell: 502-882-0508

**All Registrations received before 10/26/18 will be eligible for door prize drawing **
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The 7th Annual Cleveland Scholastic Open
October 13, 2018

It was a brisk October fall day outside in Cleveland, Ohio, but the atmosphere in Cleveland State University’s student center was energetic, lively and fast-paced.  Participants from kindergarten to college age, from cities as far away from Detroit, Toledo and Columbus gathered to test their chess skills were vying to win their assigned section or division in the 5th annual Cleveland Scholastic Open held on October 22, 2016.

One hundred and fifty eight young analytical minds ascended on the student center at CSU with aspirations and goal of not just winning as many games as possible but, to take home one of the fabulous door prizes given out.  Along with winning trophies, college scholarships, job internships, college stipends the chess participants had the opportunity to win outstanding awards like laptop computers, Amazon Fires, Xbox, play station 4, Wii- U, wireless portable speakers and much more.

Please set your clocks and calendars for next year's cleveland Scholastic Open.
There will be five rounds in this tournament and a variety of sections (rated and unrated, K- 12 and colligiate) so everyone can participate. Don’t miss the opportunity to play against players from all across the state of Ohio.  Just like the past few years, awards will range from job internships and college scholarships to e-readers and gift cards!
We hope to see you at this phenomenal tournament on October 14, 2017!  
Location:  John Carroll University,  Dolan Science Center
                       1 John Carroll Blvd
                      University Heights, Ohio 44118
Check-in:   8:30 - 9:30AM
Welcome:  9:45AM
Entry Fee:   $35 before   September 29th,     $45 after  September 29th
Novice Sections:  K-4 grade,  5-8 grade,  9-12 grade
Rated Sections:    K-4 grade,  5-8 grade,  9-12 grade,  Colligiate (USCF Rated)
Our Tournament
One hundred seventy seven students actually registered for this years  chess tournament, 158 students actually played.   The Cleveland Scholastic Chess Tournament was designed to attract more students in northeast Ohio to participate in scholastic chess. 
One of the highlights of the Cleveland Scholastic Chess Open is the college scholarships available to the high school section winner and the job internships available to the college section winner. 

The colleges and universities that are offering the scholarships;  University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Akron, Alabama A&M University and the Cleveland Alumni Group of Hampton University.  The administrators at these universities have been outstanding they understand that if a young person is good enough to win a scholastic chess event they are probably an excellent student as well.  By providing a scholarship to the high school winner they may attract an outstanding student to their institution at no cost to them, receive free advertising and exhibit great community public relations by supporting such a worthy activity.  
The University of Maryland Baltimore County is an American public research university, located in Baltimore County, the university specializes in the natural sciences and engineering trying to provide more scientist, their scholarship offer was added this year while the others have been on board for two year.  Alabama A&M University added an additional scholarship offer; a scholarship to the highest finishing female (senior) in the high school section, that offer is outstanding.  The University of Akron was the first to support us in 2013.  The support of these institutions reflect the outside the box thinking of its administrators and leaders. We wish the other universities in Cleveland like Case Western Reserve and Cleveland State would consider supporting our students, community and scholastic chess tournament.  
We appriecate our partnership with all of the insitutions.
Jobs from playing chess?
Other scholastic chess events have provided the opportunity for a scholarship to a section winner no one has provided a job internship until GE corporation partnered with us in 2013.  A job for playing chess?  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has always supported education we has taken a step forward by arranging the ultimate reason for a young person to go to school, stay in school and finish school and that is the opportunity to be employed.  We believe that the youth in our community need opportunities to change their situation and have a better life and scholastic chess is one of those available opportunities.

2016  Results

Brennen Keuchel won the high school rated section with a score of 4.5 points.  Jasen Lai and Ralph Tan finished with 4 points. There was a four way tie for third place with Alan Liu, Ian Golias, Connor Keuchel and Chaitanya Annamreddi all finishing with 3.5 points.   
Congrats to all!
Brennen Keuchel, Jasen Lai, Ralph Tan, Ian Golias, Alan Liu

​                                     Order of Finish in the College Section
1, Mika Brattain, pursuing the GE Corporation internship
2, Joel Jaffe, pursuing the FistEnergy internship
3, Adam Gerver
4, Damon Johnson
Order of Finish in the 5-8 Rated Section
1, James Zhou
2, Destynn Keuchel
3, Sean Tan
4, Varun Sathyajeeth
5, Bayethe Rowell
Order of Finish in the K-4  Rated Section

​1, Dae San Kim
2, Nicholas Wang
3, Patricia Tan
4, Ryan Homa
5, Kyle Leibovitch

​Order of Finish in the 9-12 Non-Rated Section

​1, Kenneth Dennard
2, Russell Chapman III
3, Matthew Hyland
4, Hounein Arbaji
5, Ansuman Nayak

​                              Order of Finish in the 5-8 Non-Rated Section

​1, Srihan Anand
2, Henry Frederick
3, Nicholas Heavilin
4, Nia Thomas
5, Jacob Liebson

​                              Order of Finish in the K-4 Non-Rated Section

​1, Arsh Goyal
2, Choi Sungyoung
3, Mandi Lu
4, Neev Jain
5, Arjun Soni