The Cleveland Scholastic Open is Northeast Ohio's premier scholastic chess tournament. The event is organized by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Alpha Lambda  & PI Chapters.  The first tournament was held in 2012 and has since grown into one of the largest events held in Midwestern America. 
The uniqueness of this tournament is the awards that Alpha offers to participants and section/division winners.  College scholarships, job internships, tuition stipends, educational tools (computers, IPads & Kindles), saving bonds along with the traditional trophies and medals are the awards. 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter, PI Chapter & Delta Alpha Lambda Foundation
Alpha Phi Alpha, develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.  Because of our investment in our chess program our youth will have the opportunity to further their education and have access to opportunities that will enrich their lives and make the world a better place.  Our goal is to spread, teach, and promote chess, and to raise awareness of its numerous practical and educational benefits.
Why Chess
Scholastic chess players are more
likely to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education – STEM education. Scholastic chess helps improve concentration, develops logical and critical thinking, promotes creative problem solving and rewards hard work. 
Throughout the tournament's history, over 500 students have participated. We are making a difference by engaging students in chess, a sport that fosters numerous skills that will help them throughout life.
Chess sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to invest positively and wisely. Many previous sponsors have enjoyed widespread publicity as a result of their involvement and have experienced the popular benefits of their association with chess.  Click Here
Our Approach
The merits of chess go beyond creating better thinkers who tend to show more discipline, persistence and concentration in their schoolwork. Chess can serve as a bridge that brings together boys and girls from all walks of life, while encouraging socialization skills that cross cultural lines and help create school learning communities. Chess is especially a great self-esteem builder, allowing many children to feel smart for the first time. 
This year FirstEnergy joined GE Corporation in supporting and investing into our tournament by making available the opportunity of a job internship to winners of our college section. ​"OUTSTANDING" .  On our list of colleges willing to offer scholarship opportunities to our high school section winner to further their education are; the University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Akron, Alabama A&M and Hampton University Alumni.
No other scholastic chess event has offered job internships or multiple college scholarship offers or selection. This is huge for the community, participants, corporations and all involved. Our vision is to make a chess tournament something more than displaying one’s skills and kids having fun it’s about opportunities for a better life.  We encourage our youth to stay in school, go to high school, go to college and for their committement we are making job opportunities available.
Alpha Phi Alpha is attempting to solve the social malaise of not just black youth but all youth with positive programs.
Please click above to view video coverage of the 2017 Cleveland Scholastic Open
Please click above to view video coverage of the 2014 Cleveland Scholastic Open